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The Barton Insights team provides Executive Coaching, Personal Coaching and Expatriate Coaching in person in London/the UK or anywhere in the world via Skype.

If you have experienced coaching in the past, you will know how useful and transformative it can be. It is time set aside and dedicated to your priorities – whether that is for reflecting, strategising, gaining clarity or committing to action.

If you are new to coaching, do take a look at our What is Coaching? web page and video, as well as our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and What People Say.

All of the coaches at Barton Insights are qualified and members of a professional body. Katherine Barton herself has regular supervision and follows the code of ethics of the Association for Coaching.

Expatriate Cross-Cultural Coach of the Year - UK
Association for Coaching

Qualified & Ethical


In Person & By Skype

Expats, Executives & Individuals

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

Whether a couple of sessions or a series over several months, coaching is a fantastic gift to give yourself. Alone, we can keep going over the same thoughts, questions, problems and aspirations with nothing really changing. We can feel stuck or impatient with our progress. A coach asks you different questions and can help you to find a new perspective or way forwards. They are a skilled, objective, non judgemental sounding board and are totally committed to you and your priorities.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Top performers work with a coach – they know that one of the most important appointments they can keep is with themselves. Demanding schedules often lead to constant ‘fire-fighting’ and neglect of the important but less urgent issues, whether that is developing a key skill, self-improvement, planning for the future, defining priorities or thinking through a challenging situation. Give yourself or your employees the chance to perform at their best.

Expat Coaching

Expatriate Coaching

Coaching is an incredibly powerful tool to help navigate the emotional and practical demands of an international transition. Whether for the relocating executive or accompanying expat partner. You determine the focus of each session – be it developing a strategy for the new professional role or figuring out how to be happy in the new country. This is your chance to take control of your expat experience. Sessions can be stand-alone or are an ideal follow-up to our Expatriate Transition Training, wherever you are in the world.

What is Coaching?

Listen to Katherine explain more about how coaching works and what you can expect


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