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Barton Insights delivers group and private programmes including Expatriate Transition Training or Coaching (wherever you are moving from or to), British Culture Inductions and Cultural Awareness Training. We work with clients in person or by Skype, allowing us to collaborate from London with individuals and companies from every continent.

Find out what else you can be doing to develop intercultural competency within your company or to support yourself or your expatriate employees on an international assignment. Get in touch – we would be delighted to discuss your situation and see how we can help. Or book in a Skype session with us right now on our Virtual Services page.

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Expat Coaching

Expatriate Coaching

For the relocating executive or accompanying expat partner. Coaching is an incredibly powerful tool to help navigate the emotional and practical demands of an international transition. You determine the focus of each session – be it developing a strategy for the new professional role or figuring out how to be happy in the new country. This is your chance to take control of your expat experience with a qualified coach who is familiar with intercultural and expat challenges. Sessions can be in person or by Skype, stand-alone or as an ideal follow-up to Expatriate Transition Training.

Expat Transition Training

Expatriate Transition Training

An opportunity to look beyond the practicalities of a relocation and to reflect on potential adjustment challenges from a personal, professional and cultural perspective. Relevant to executives and expat accompanying partners, as well as first-time and experienced international assignees. You can be relocating to or from anywhere, as this is not a country-specific training – this is an introduction to key transition issues and a chance to discuss, strategise, minimise risk and identify solutions proactively with an experienced professional.

British Culture Training

British Culture Training

Presentations for visiting delegations and groups, as well as private programmes for executives and families relocating to the UK. From one hour to two days in person or by Skype. We introduce you to the business and social culture of the UK, including values, behaviours and etiquettes. This is your chance to ask a local in total confidence and to decode situations you are already experiencing. However similar your culture may seem, make sure you or your employees know how to recognise the subtleties.

Cultural Awareness Training

Cultural Awareness Training

A practical introduction to intercultural communication for any company who has multicultural teams or international clients. Already and increasingly a core skill of international business, cultural awareness is also a key aspect of diversity. What is attributed to personality is often cultural. Help your employees to have greater tolerance and flexibility in their approach. Build their intercultural competency and make sure that they know what to be aware of when dealing with other nationalities.

Listen to Katherine explain why Expat Transition Training & Coaching is so important.

Find out more about British Culture Training and the topics we cover in this video.


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