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Expat Transition Training

Expat Transition TrainingWhen companies and families think of a relocation, their most pressing thoughts are (naturally) of finding a home, visas, shipping belongings or saying goodbyes. Less attention is given to what happens after the move.

This training what you do after the practicalities have been taken care of and you want to start taking care of yourself or your family

This programme is designed specifically to look beyond the practicalities and to consider what needs to happen for this to be a successful international assignment for the sponsoring company, expatriate executive and any accompanying partner. Think of this as an audit of the international assignment – identifying risk factors, strengths and strategies to accelerate the adaptation process.

However experienced you are, a relocation is change and always a transition

Relevant to:

  • Anyone relocating to or from anywhere – this is not country-specific
  • The expatriate executive & any accompanying spouse – individually or as a couple
  • First-time and experienced assignees
  • Groups – bespoke workshops possible


  • In Person
  • Skype

Topics Covered

The session will really depend on who is participating, their experience and their priorities, but typical topics include:

  • Transition stress & adaptation – the symptoms, causes, ‘cures’ and past lessons
  • Reflecting on the new professional role – such as assignment objectives, challenges, quick wins and key stakeholders
  • The accompanying partner or spouse and their specific challenges – such as loss of a career, isolation or finding a new purpose or routine
  • Managing a relationship overseas or long-distance
  • Supporting the adaptation of any children
  • Cultural differences (corporate or national & raising awareness of one’s own preferences and approach)

Benefits to Expats

  • Take a proactive, informed, strategic approach to the adaptation process
  • Know you are doing everything you can to support a spouse/partner who is accompanying you on assignment
  • Manage the overwhelm, stress and uncertainty that accompanies a relocation
  • Figure out what and how to get the best from a unique expat experience – leave with no regrets
  • Step back from day-to-day practicalities to reflect on how you are going to make a success of the new professional role
  • If already on assignment, assess what’s currently going well or not so well and what needs to change or happen next
  • Avoid serious problems in your relationship, family or career
  • Gain insights and suggestions to help the adaptation of any relocating children
  • Have the confidential support of someone experienced who understands what you are going through
  • Recognise the signs of ‘Culture Shock’ and develop personalised empowering strategies to minimise the impact of this

Benefits to Company

  • Maximise the success rate and effectiveness of costly international assignments
  • Demonstrate your company’s commitment and care for expatriate employees and their families
  • Reduce costs by providing virtual Skype sessions for your assignees – wherever they are in the world
  • Make international assignments more attractive, by showing you have provision to support the adaptation of an accompanying spouse
  • Give your expatriate employees a confidential sounding board who is external to your company

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