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Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching is also commonly referred to as ‘life coaching’. Many clients turn to coaching when they feel ‘stuck’ or frustrated with a particular issue, dissatisfied with life or simply want to carve out time in a busy schedule to map out a new direction or to work consistently towards a goal. Life passes by so quickly and they want to make sure they are consciously getting the most out of life and themselves.

Whether it’s a couple of sessions to refocus and gain clarity or regular sessions to motivate you over a year, you the coachee decide what is discussed and what you want from the coaching.

For example, you may hire a coach personally to:

  • Reconnect with what you want out of life and to feel more inspired
  • Carve out a regular time to prioritise, strategise and focus on you
  • Finally break free from an unhappy work situation or get out of a rut
  • Identify a way forwards and embark on a plan with someone to encourage, motivate and challenge you along the way
  • Build confidence or break through limiting beliefs or patterns
  • Be accountable to someone to move you forwards faster and maintain momentum
  • Kick start a career change or have support when starting a new business or venture
  • Make time to focus on how to improve a particular aspect of life, such as your career, health, relationships or work/life balance
  • Talk to someone who is non judgemental, objective and skilled at asking the right questions – allowing you to hear your own voice and stop ‘going around in circles’ thinking over the same issues with nothing changing

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