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Cross-Cultural & Expatriate

“Would strongly recommend. The day was extremely well prepared and it was a focused, tailor-made approach. She captured 100% our needs. We have even developed clear actions/improvement points for our remaining time in the UK”.

Philippe, French – pharmaceutical industry

“Excellent. Very useful information and insights to be set up for success!”

Caroline, Canadian – FMCG sector

“The professional transition section really made me stop & think about my medium/long-term goals. Very informative, both personally and professionally”

John, Australian – FMCG company

“I hadn’t given enough thought/attention to issues of separation. Spousal happiness is a key component to the success of this posting”

Simon, British – oil industry

“I have to admit I was a bit sceptical thinking the topic was obvious, but I was delightfully surprised at how helpful this session was for work and life”

Veronica, Mexican-Canadian – FMCG sector

Filipe F“As part of a migration of the book-keeping elements of our finance department to our offices in Mumbai, we commissioned Barton Insights to assist with developing cross-cultural awareness between locations. The bespoke training sessions were revealing and constructive, providing a sound footing on which to start building a team in multiple locations around the world.”

Filipe F – finance sector

“I learnt cultural nuances that I wouldn’t get from just reading materials”.

June, American – accompanying spouse

“Great context for living in London. I was previously assigned here and the interpersonal dynamics were a challenge”

Victor, Trinidadian – manufacturing industry

“It was helpful to speak to my partner about how to make the most out of her time on assignment. Would even recommend for those travelling to countries of a similar culture. ”

Andrew, Australian – oil industry

“This programme gave me opportunities to know not only UK but also Japanese culture. Katherine-san was a great trainer. She understood my requests and concerns perfectly. She gave me many advices about how to identify and handle culture gaps and what I should do to succeed in my new role in the company”.

Tsuyoshi, Japanese– pharmaceutical industry

“Talking through challenges & culture shock was most helpful, as it enabled us to process some issues we were already aware of and hopefully pre-empt others. Very good use of coaching skills. ”

Sarah, British – FMCG sector

“Thank you very much for a perfect training, it has initiated many discussions among us and our friends. I must admit that the training has been organised and carried out with high professionalism, deep and profound knowledge of the subject.”

Victor, Russian – oil industry

“Fantastic trainer! Professional, open, empathetic, engaging – maintained my interest during the whole day session”

Catherine, Belgium – pharmaceutical industry


“Katherine is genuinely interested in what makes you tick on every level – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. She does not just dish out preconceived concepts, but takes time and care to understand and respect you as an individual. She is a good listener, but not afraid to ask incisive, insightful and sometimes uncomfortable, questions when necessary. She emanates a very genuine desire to help a fellow traveller on the road of life and does this with great intelligence, honesty and quiet clarity.”


Jonathan-Bradshaw“Katherine has been working with me in a coaching capacity for over a year. She helped me take a more strategic view of my business, which has led to a number of important decisions that directly affected our growth and development and all without actually giving me any direct advice! It is this skill of being able to help me see things from a different angle that I value most”

Jonathan Bradshaw, CEO, The Meetology Group

“Katherine is very friendly, calm and direct. She was non-judgemental and definitely made me feel at ease. I looked forward to our sessions and always left them feeling energised, refocused and enthusiastic. Katherine had the ability to break down my jumbled ‘brain storms’ into clear, concise and achievable goals. Coaching helped me to stop wasting energy and time on multiple insignificant actions allowing me time to focus on the significant ones that would make a difference.”


Dan Edwards‘Katherine’s insightful, intuitive approach inspires great confidence in everyone she works with, helping them to find their path and unlock their vast potential’.

Dan Edwardes, Managing Director, Parkour Generations

“She made me feel very at ease from the off. I was quite nervous to be honest, but I used to look forward to the sessions. It wasn’t what I had expected at all. I guess I knew the answers myself really, and noticed that I was answering them myself. I found that talking to someone who is completely unbiased was more beneficial sometimes than speaking to close people around me.”



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